VVG / Transportversicherung §§ 130-141

Teilband 1: §§ 130-141; DTV-Güter 2000/2011

Produktform: E-Buch Text Elektronisches Buch in proprietärem

The “Bruck/Möller” boasts the prominent standing of being the traditional commentary on insurance contract law. Its prestigious repu-tation is based, above all, on its scientifically grounded yet handson commentary. The latest edition holds especially true to this concept. This is most recognizable in the numerous conceptual reforms. In addition to the uniform structure of the individual commentaries, there are considerably more commentators and an increase in the number of individual volumes. Thus, the commentaries are produced by acknowledged experts and held ever up to date. In addition, the commentary will be made available online through cooperation with juris where up to date sup-plementary information can be accessed.weiterlesen

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