Audiovisual Media Services Directive

Comparative Commentary

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The European audiovisual industry is one of the most dynamic markets in the European Union. The Audiovisual Media Services Directive is the bedrock of the EU’s audiovisual and media policies. It regulates diverse aspects for providers of television broadcasting and on-demand services and entered into force in December 2007. Due to the volatility of a market facing convergence of media and important policy choices, for instance whether to allow product placement, Member States have struggled with the transposition of this Directive. This completely new commentary employs an innovative approach: Based on English translations, the study systematically examines the national implementing measures of the 28 Member States. It sets out, article-by-article, the original provisions contained in the Directive before analyzing domestic transpositions. National measures are grouped in order to reveal similarities and differences and examined for compliance with the Directive. This comparative perspective contributes to the discussions on reforms of the Directive or the EU’s approach to new media services. The commentary therefore constitutes a unique reference point for regulatory authorities, media entities, academics in teaching and research, as well as lawyers and political interest groups working in the field of media law. Dr Mark D. Cole is Associate Professor of Law (specialized in the law of the new information technologies, media and communications law) at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg since 2007; he has published widely in the field of European Media Law. Jenny Metzdorf is research assistant of Professor Cole at the Faculty of Law, Economics and Finance of the University of Luxembourg; hed holds a Masters degree in European Law.weiterlesen

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Autor(en): Mark D. Cole, Jenny Metzdorf

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