London – Before & After Brexit

A critical, politically most revealing, mildly amusing rather than bitingly satirical sightseeing tour from A - Z

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This book is an extended version of "London With A Smile" (2012), written for foreigners with a good command of English. Whenever you talk to polically open-minded Londoners these days, the subject of Brexit will definitely come up. Brexit has divided the United Kingdom into Leavers and Remainers. The Brexit Referendum of June 23, 2016 was living proof that London is a vibrant, cosmopolitan, multicultural City embarrassing the far-right jingoistic "Little Englanders" who think "everything English is best": 60% of the Londoners voted for staying in the European Union, although a majority of 52% across the country were in favor of leaving the EU. But there are still some remainers who hope for the exit from Brexit one day or other. Even after leaving the EU London will always remain one of the most fascinating cities in the world: A financial, cultural and architectural powerhouse, a tourist attraction for all people who love the pageantry and tradition of the British Monarchy. But all that glitters is not gold. The sleeze and corruption of some members of the "Mother of Parliaments" is worth being made fun of, especially the narrow-mindedness of some hard-core Eurosceptic and jingoistic Brexiteers. Apart from 5 jokebooks (2008-2016) the author, Dr Eckehard Korthals, has written several serious books on German, Scottish and English culture and history, e.g. hardcovers: Rob Roy (2008, 208 pages), Wilhelm II (2010², 368 pages), Scotch Whisky (2015⁴, 320 pages), Cultural-hsitorical guide to Scotland (2016⁴, 378 pages), the Windsors (2016⁴, 339 pages).weiterlesen

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