International Commercial Arbitration

Standard Clauses and Forms

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This comprehensive book provides the full range of clauses, forms and documents needed by practitioners from the beginning of arbitral proceedings right through to the issuing of the arbitral award, the handbook is an indispensable working guide for practitioners. It contains insightful commentaries and offers insider information and know-how regarding arbitration in specific countries, including the Asian countries which are becoming important players in the field of international arbitration. Written by renowned experts in the field, the handbook will assist practitioners – be they lawyers, counsel or arbitrators – in the practical area of arbitral proceedings. The handbook covers the following countries and arbitration rules: - UNCITRAL - ICC - WIPO - VIAC (Austria) - CIETAC (China) - DIAC (Dubai) - LCIA (England & Wales) - DIS (Germany) - HKIAC (Hong Kong) - ICA (India) - KLRCA (Malaysia) - SIAC (Singapore) - SCC (Sweden) - Swiss Rules (Switzerland) Nicole Conrad is professor of law and a practicing lawyer in Zug, Switzerland. Peter Münch is professor of commercial law in Winterthur, Switzerland. Jonathan Black-Branch is professor of international and comparative law at the University of Bedfordshire. The authors are practicing lawyers, university professors and international experts in arbitration. ‘… Solid academic foundation and practical relevance provide the vest prerequisite for a permanent place in the libraries of all practitioners engaged in international commercial arbitration.’ Dr Jürgen Klowait, ZKM – Zeitschrift für Konfliktmanagement 6/2013, 195 ‘… An essential guide for practitioners in the field of International Commercial Arbitration with valuable insights in many legal orders around the globe.’ Apostolos Anthimos, Armenopouöos 2014, p. 2012weiterlesen

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